Easy Way to Learn Thai Language


There is easy way to learn Thai Language:

Thai language is not difficult. Thai language can be very easy to learn. We can learn in daily life without formal course. Do this you can be able to know Thai language faster than before. There is 10 Tips base on the foreigner living in Thailand.

1. Listen how Thai native pronounce
The best effectif to learn Thai language is comunicate with Thai native. Learn from native will give accurately language aquisition. Please find Thai buddies or Thai friends to help learn language. Thai people so support to help learn Thai language. They will always said "keng mak" eventhough you know a few words. Lets start to greet Thai with Sawadi ka/krub

2 Listen Thai music🎧
If you like to listening music. This will give you way to improve your thai learning. Choose one of Thai song. Please choose your favorite  Thai song and it will be good if you get the translation in your mother tongue language.

3 Watch and Listen Thai TV📺
There is alot of Thai chanel: Work point, TV3, TV7, TV 8 GGM and ect. There is alot of interesting to wacth. Learn from tv also an alternatif to learn language.

4 Wacth Thai movies🎬
The best horor movie is come from Thailand. Also there is alot of interesting movie. Movie will give many knowledge about  that we can learn about culture and social life people of Thai.

5 Read the billboard and Thai advertise
Many kind ads aroud us. There is alot of Thai advertise movie very  inspirationally. Some advertise translate in many language. We can learn too the translation to understand the masage of the advertise .

6 Buy Thai dictionary📚
Choose the best dictionary in store book. Use it when find a new word. Many application Android also provide in play store.

7 Use social media to interact with Thai native
Nowdays we can interact use facebook. Twiter. Wattsapp and many more. We can find thai friends to get contact and chat. Any way Facebook and line is the most social media application use in Thailand.

8 Write Thai language use your own letter✏📝
This way is easy method to start learning Thai by use alphabet.Write all thai word use alphabet for example "Arai" for  What, Rian for learning, pasa for language. Practice to write in Thai alphabet also important. There is a lot of Thai writing book provide in book store. Keep practice every day.

9 Mistake is the start of learning language
Mistake is learning, make alot of mistake and dont afraid because Thai people really tolerate with that. They will help you to spell correctly. But keep learning, learning from mistake. Mistake of cultural understanding is the most happen when communicate with Thai people. So please learn also Thai culture, manner, and tradition.

10 Practice every day.
Yes, we should practice every day. this is the key of success mastering in Thai Language. We know the idiom "practice make perfect". lets start practice.Thai.

Kop kun krub

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